Hello world!

Hello World, welcome to The Naked Blog.  This is not your ordinary celebrity bashing, music rating, gossip column.  Here we will discuss everything you can think of.  As the author of The Naked Blog, I have decided to push the envelope a little.  With the help of my sources, I will give you sneak peaks at up and coming musicians, artists, writers, singers, you name it. 

This is an exciting project as it will not only keep you thirsty for more news and information, I will also post contests with prizes for our dedicated subscribers.  I will always leave you with a questions and please feel free to comment on all posts.  Your opinions and commentary are highly appreciated. 

The Naked Blog asks: What’s missing in music today?


3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. awwwww shit..

  2. Composition is missing… I mean generally speaking. (There are still artists out there making quality music.) Originality is missing.. It seems the trend to be different has made many artists similar, ironically enough. Lastly, TALENT is missing.. Pure, unadulterated talent. We’ve flattered ourselves by making something outta nothing, that we’ve created a mold to wich we try and place everyone. Fortunately, there are artists, upcoming that will make this whole statement “null n void”
    Thanks for the platform “NakedNlog” please stay profound. and if I may, I quick plug: “JAYCI MUSIC”

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