The Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore Cast

It seems like it was just yesterday, my family and I were at the shore.  Enjoying good times, good beaches and yes fist pumping until our arms just couldn’t take it.  Thanks to MTV and the cast from Jersey Shore they have given us something new to talk about.  First let’s start off with the cast of Jersey Shore.  DJ Pauly D, Snooki, Mike ” The Situation”, Ronnie, Sammi, JWOW, Vinny and Angelina.

There have been mixed feeling about this show.  Here in the shore, people despise the cast and have stated they brought bad publicity to their hood.  Others enjoy the publicity and drama this crew has to offer.  In my opinion, they are just another version of  the Real World.  I don’t care about how many times Snooki gets punched, or how many arguments Ronnie and Sammi get into, or how many orgies they have in their infamous jacuzzi it doesn’t matter to the Naked blog We Love the Jersey Shore!!

We are all about the drama and the realness of things.  The cast of Jersey Shore have done an excellent job in making sure the network gets their numbers and viewers get their drama.  In actuality, this is what TV is all about the art of entertainment by one’s standards.  If a network can captivate its viewers and get a following, then it has done so with success. 

To the Jersey Shore- Keep pumping your fists, jelling your hair and doing the dirty with so many loose “extras” – we will continue to criticize, comment and bash you while watching the new season.  Much success!

                                                                                                                                                                             The Naked Blogger.


2 Responses to “The Jersey Shore”

  1. Uncertain suspicions from Jersey Shore to Jerseylicious. I encourage ambition but certain versions are missing. Down at Exit 5 you’ll find historic tradition. Neighborhoods are “meltingpots” our subcultures are mixing.

    I am admittedly entertained

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