Catching Up With Da Shepard

As I strolled down the streets of Jersey City, I caught up with local music producer and CEO of Unrated Productions LLP, Da Shepard.  This music producer extraordinaire has grown from beat maker to producer and loving the ride along the way.  Da Shepard and I talked and talked until night fell.  Truly an interesting individual, I asked him some questions, because we ALL want to know about the man, the mystery— The music!

TNB: Tell us about Unrated Productions?

Shepard:  Unrated Productions, also  UNR, was founded by me and my former partner in my livingroom.  One day, I decided I wanted to get into music  and also decided I wanted to head my own company.  That’s how UNR was born.

TNB: What inspired you to do music?

Shepard: One time my friend introduced me to this program called Sony Vega, we sampled a Sade song , then sampled some drums beat from a hip hop track.  It was crazy, My friend put it together and it sounded great.  I started giving him ideas on how to make it sound better. From then on I knew I wanted to create my own music

TNB: Who are Some of your inspirations?

Shepard: Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Eric B. & Rakim, Nas, Mobb Deep Kool G. Rap- just to name a few.

TNB: What type of genre do yo specialize in?

Shepard: Mainly Hip Hop and Rap, but slowly making my mark in the R&B game.

TNB: What do you feel can change in music today? Why?

Shepard: The thing that should change are limitations.  A lot of artist limit themselves because of age grouping.  Even labels refuse to work with musicians and limit them because of this.  I mean, I see artist who are in their 30’s and 40’s doing their thing.  I see Snoop doing it till he’s 70.  Music is art and should have no boundaries or limitations.  Talent is talent!

TNB: What is your favorite track out now?

Shepard: That would have to be ” Big Meech” from Rick Ross.  He did his thing on that one.

TNB Which is your favorite personal track?

Shepard:  For the moment it would have to be this track I am working on, “I’m Nice”  even titled it that way.  This track is deep!  Hopefully someone will agree and make an offer on it.  It’s a hot beat and will get your attention real quick, it tells a story.

TNB: Who are some of the individual talents you would one day like to work with?

Shepard: Wow, Dr. Dre, Will.I.Iam, Kanye West, Timbaland.  I would love for Nas to rip one of my tracks!

TNB: What separates you from other producers?

Shepard:  I am not afraid to experiment.  I see a lot of producers like to sample other producer’s work.  I don’t.  I prefer originality, knowing I create that sound in my head. 

TNB: is there anything you would like people to know?

Shepard: Yes, I want artists to know I sell my beats for great prices.  I offer studio time for recording as well. Hit me up on for quotes and samples of my beats.  Also go onto and search for Da Shepard.

TNBThank you Shepard for opening up your world to the Naked Blogger.

To the readers I will leave with this question, Do you think producers get a lot of credit for their work or are they not being recognized enough for their talents which bring to fame lots of singers, rappers and artists?

Don’t be shy and leave your feedback and comments.


                                                                                                                   The Naked Blogger.


5 Responses to “Catching Up With Da Shepard”

  1. I heard Shepard’s music and let me tell you— Oh baby he’s a rockstar!!

  2. Keep up the good work, and don’t stop until you get there!!!

  3. Shepeard is really talented and really isn’t afraid to tap into other styles of music…trust me I know him personally! If things work out on his behalf I can see him working with all types of Artist from Hip Hop to even dare I say Salsa and or even Batchata he’s not afraid…lol…I think he gears up to Eminem’s song I’m Not Afraid…cuz thats how I see him!!! Love and Prosperity to u Shepard and always UNR!!!

    • Thank You J Lugo for your comment. Maybe with your help, everyone will know how well Shepard brings down the house!!!

      Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for more news about Shepard here on the Naked Blog!

      If you haven’t done so, please feel free to subscribe for email subscriptions. Feel free to cancel at any time.

      The Naked Blogger.

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