The Year of The Music Producers

Music production is becoming one of the most sought out careers in the music industry lately with a rise of producers both commercial and underground coming out of the wood works.  The Naked Blogger was given an opportunity to sit down with Unrated Productions Co Ceo and Co Founder Sean Boyce also know as S. ( S Dot). 

TNB: Tell us about UNR and what it is you do?

S.: UNR, Unrated Productions LLP  is the hottest beat making production company out there, I got my boy Romulus, My boy Shepard, he is producing a couple of tracks, we have a lot of new shit coming out so watch out for it.  ( Background shout outs)

TNB: As a producer, what do you look for in a track?

S.: Um, There is not much to look for because every track has its own personality like every person.  Let’s say I didn’t like the direction a track was heading, I will follow through with it until I  feel it’s the hottest track I have, because it can be. 

TNB:  How do you feel about the direction the (music) industry is headed?

S.: I mean you know, coming from the 80’s  I saw Hip Hop start and I was from QB (Queensbridge) All day every day, If I was to see Hip hop from back then to now, I mean, I can’t say that what people are doing is bad for Hip Hop, everyone has their own sound and I respect that.  If when  I were younger, I would probably understand it more.  The fact is, Hip Hop is growing.  When people started saying Hip Hop will be dead within 10 years that was about 20-30 years ago.

TNB: You just mentioned that you  from Queensbridge, there are a lot of rappers that derive from that location, How do you feel about that/

S.: Well, QB is the birthplace of Hip Hop- we do what we do and we are who we are.  I am just glad to be in a line of people who have done things that I can hope to try and do, you know what I am saying, it’s my way of forging my own ideas and to shout out where I am from QB!

TNB: Are you currently working with any artists?

S.: I am not working with any artists right now, no. I am currently just working on instrumental tracks.  I have been talking to some artists. Maybe I may get into some managing and have been working with my boy Shepard we just it hard, you know?

TNB: If you could Co Produce with anyone, who would it be?

S.: Shep.

TNB.  Nice.. ok, What brought about UNR?

S.: Wow (begins to laugh)

TNB: You wanna answer this Shep?

Shep:  I thought you were interviewing S.?  Well it all came about when we were messing with a program called Sony Vega, He sampled Sade’s song and looped it with a beat. It impressed the shit out of me and from there on, I knew what we should do.  Thanks to Sean, this is my passion.

TNB: You want to add S?

S.: Yea, no doubt, I remember going to my boy’s Shep’s house and he had all this equipment, we started out with a beat box, we got introduced to someone and the love for this just grew and grew and grew and that’s where we are right now. If it wasn’t for Shep and vice versa.

TNB: It’s been said that in this industry, only the strong survive, what do you think about this philosophy?

S.:  I don’t know much about the industry, but I do believe that anything you do, you must have discipline, you have to be strong.  You have to know what to deal with and what not to deal with.  You as an individual have to know who YOU are and you don’t let it [ the industry] change who you are  and your values.  I think that coupled with different experiences will help you deal with that and life in general.

TNB:  If I were an A&R looking for a crazy track, what would you recommend I listen to?

S.:  ( chuckles)  Anything that my boy Shep made–

TNB: any track in particular?

S.: Aw man, where do I start? um, wow, there was a beat that Bi-Polar rapped over a long time ago, he probably doesn’t even remember it. Anything that he and I have made.  When Shep and I produce a track, we bring different perspectives to the track.  Me being Black and he being hispanic, I tend to bring more of the drums and he ties everything together, he is the perfectionist. I am the guy who throws a dart at the board with a beat, he is the guy who perfects the shot.  we are 0070

TNB:  Is there anything you want people to know?

S.: Unrated productions is definitely here to stay, we’re here to make an impact, definitely check for us, um i love hip hop , I love all our fans out there, and anyone reading this, I want to thank them for supporting us and the Hip Hop movement, no matter what you love about Hip Hop- Just love it whether it be Eminem or 50 Cent or Young Jeezy, it’s about Hip Hop.  East Coast – West Coast , it’s all Hip Hop.  One Love…

The Naked Blogger asks:

When listening to a track, doyou normally wonder whoproduced it, or only care about the artist ripping the track?

Please leave your feedback or comments or youcan answer my questionof the day.  All feedback is appreciated. Till next time.

The Naked Blogger!


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