Latinas vs. American Women

I just read an article in Latina Magazine about Latinas dressing a little too provocative at the office.  Being a Latina myself can relate to this dilemma.  We Latinas have been known to be more curvaceous than the average American woman and have been constantly demeaned in such ways that are uncalled for.  If you put a suit on an American woman and then the same suit on a Latina woman, it’s obvious what the difference is.  Can we help it if God gave us a little extra junk in our trunk, or hills where the eyes can see?

It is not unheard of that in corporate america, dress code policies are being enforced because of this.  it was not too long ago that a Debrahlee Lorenzana was fired from Citibank because of what her employers thought was too distracting of an outfit.  Hey, if it makes the sale, what does it matter right? Wrong,  I believe that in business, you make a name for yourself.  What you want behind that foundation you have built is integrity and respect.  Although sex seems to outsell many policies, do we really want the world to know us as the curvaceous sex selling Latinas people already seem to think ?

I believe there is a time and a place for everything.  if you are clubbing or going out to an establishment where looks are everything- then go for it!  If you are waking up every morning to a white collared industry where your brain is far more appreciated than your body, then you should dress accordingly.  Do you really want a raise because of you bust, or your brain?  Think about it.

The Naked Blogger asks:  Should corporate America enforce a dress code policy for all white collared industry jobs?


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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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