What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Little Wayne and TI get caught with guns, and do time in prison.  A lesson to be learned for these Hip Hop icons.  What about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan?  They get caught driving drunk, they get with cocaine, the violate parole, are repeat offenders and what do they get?  A slap on the wrist.  Now lets face it.  If it were you or I , we would have gotten the mandatory 1-5 years in jail for driving under the influence and slapped with a $1,000-$5,000 fine.  Is this fair?  I think not.

Whether racially bias or corrupt judging, I think this is wrong and something should be said and done about this.  If I were a rich heiress……but I am not.  I believe that the legal system is sending out the wrong signals when it comes to law enforcement.  Because these big moguls want to keep their legacies out of tabloids and news feeds, they are able to get away with murder even.  Hey, for the right price, anything is possible, just ask O.J. Simpson.

TI arrested with his wife Tiny for a mere marijuana charge and get locked up and were told to pay $10,000 each for bail. Paris, who might I add was already on probation for wreck less driving, was caught with cocaine, and to top it off, tried to purger herself, was only put back on probation and was able to walk away.  What a sad day in the legal house of pain it is when repeat offenders keep getting away with these crimes because of skin color and money.  At least Japan has their legal system in check, denying the heiress entry in their country because of the drug charge.

What can we as regular people do about this?  Well, I have a though if you have 100 million dollars and skyscrapers with your name on it.  What about LiLo?  How can we forget about this Hollywood starlet who just continues to break the law as if it were part of her bucket list?  We sit and watch these celebutants constantly run in with the law and say to ourselves, what a pity, what a shame.  Next thing you know, murder will be a misdemeanor, aggravated assault will be a violation and kidnapping and rape will be punishable by fines to keep paying these corrupt judges and politicians.  Maybe TI and Lil Wayne should follow in the steps of Sammy Sosa, bleach their skin.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe they’re on to something.

The Naked Blogger wants to know: Do you think Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton got off easy?  Do you think It’s fair that Lil Wayne and TI got the short end of the legal system?  Do tell.  Please leave your comments and feedback.  All are welcome.  Toodaloo..


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  1. boom chica wowow

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