Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps.

Just as the stock market is about to come tumbling down like a ton of bricks, young Wall Street trader Jake Moore ( Shia Labouf) , teams up with disgraced Former wall street tycoon Gordon Gekko ( Michael Douglas).  What are their motives?  They are on a two tiered mission to warn of the financial doomsday and to find out who is responsible for the death of the father like mentor of Jake Moore.

This movie is packed with suspense, drama and a heartfelt lesson that only a savvy entrepreneur can appreciate.  The suspense wheels you in and keeps you in for the ride.   If you have seen the first Wall Street, you will love this one! I give this movie a two thumbs up.  I enjoyed everything about this movie from the Intro to the credits.  Definitely a must see! Go catch it! 

The Naked Blogger wants to know: Do you think the recession is over?  if not, why?  Please feel free to leave a response or general feedback below.



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