We Are Meant for Greater Things

Greater Things

In light of the recent ongoings of the world, i.e. politics, terrorism, bullying, etc., I have decided to write this “special” blog about what we are really here to do.

With so many people claiming the 12/21/2012 disaster that awaits us,  will it really be disastrous?  Change can mean so many things.  It can be meant metaphorically or physically.  My opinion is that our world has changed and is not the same as we knew it to be.  Our Constitution has practically been re written, our morals have been flushed.  Yet, our knack for all things digital has surpassed what we all knew to be dark ages of technology.

Social networking has become the “norm” and everyday, new technologies are being discovered.  We are all taking advantage and jumping on the hi tech bandwagon.  We constantly upgrade our phones, upgrade our web sites, up grade our TV’s , etc.  Have we, as people upgraded ourselves?  The question still remains to be answered.

Although we live in a world of constant upgrades,  We as people continue to struggle with our lifestyles.  People continue to bully others, taunt them, hate on them.  Crime still in existence, politicians greedy as ever.  Something should be learned from all of this We are here on this earth to do good things.  To help the human race become something so powerful, that no one will again question our qualifications.

What do I mean?  What am I talking about?  We constantly engage ourselves in celebrity gossip, tabloids. We criticize people  for being who they are.  Who are we?  What have we as a human race accomplished?  Are those really images of extraterrestrial beings or an image of a future human race slowly but surely taking over our means.  Think about it.  Who are we?  What is the human race exactly?  One to grow on.

Toodaloo for now.

The Naked Blogger asks: How have you contributed to the educational growth of the human race?

All questions, comments and feedback are welcome below.


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