Music Makes Me Feel Like….

I was driving home from a nice BBQ with my family and close friends yesterday.  As we drove by NYC’s own Chelsea region, we were pumping old school music, namely, Lodi Dodi by music icons Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh.  So of course, amped up and in the moment, we were being the loud puertoricans we are known to be.  Singing and dancing in the car because of how that track made us feel, alive!  We weren’t the only ones!  A man, I would say middle aged, African American man  maybe about 40, well dressed and walking by – ducked his head to hear who was playing this song- then, to my surprise, starts dancing and carrying on as if in a nightclub surrounded by Victoria”s Secret models! He was going in on the track! I smiled and cheered him on because that’s what I do! He felt as I did at that moment, alive.  Reminiscing about the old school hip hop era where Run DMC were the kings, and every girl was a round the way girl.  I felt like a teenager again!

Music is the gateway to my past, a frequent reminder of who I am and where I have come from.  Music is in my heart and soul.  The one thing that will never stop making me laugh, cry, sing, dance, the one word that will calm me from a bad fight, breakup or remind me of the love I am experiencing, my youth.  Just one word with a very tremendous impact— MUSIC!

So when asked, what does music make you feel?  How will you respond?

Yes, I am back bitches!! As always, feel free to drop a comment …. Toodaloo!


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