What’s All The Buzz About??


Jayci, Jaycimusic, Talent



Of course, It’s going to be me to tell you!  It’s JAYCi! This girl can sing!!!!  She is not your average Bronx girl.  I mean everyone thinks they can sing right?  Then it’s just me I guess- anywho….. When I first heard this girl sing, I felt my goosebumps trickling and was like DAMN!  She is soulful, energetic and can switch it up in a hot second.  Now, ya’ll don’t have to take my word for it.  Just to prove a point, here is what we are going to do… I am going to give you a link.  JAYCi music player – There…Now- once you are on her music page- take a listen and then tell me what you think.   Was I lying????? Of course not.  I know music and that girl definitely does too! I have seen her perform live, I have witnessed first hand how her fans react to her music and have also seen people become fans right before my eyes.  I mean, people actually whip out cell phones and record her performances.  I bet I can make you a fan! Just take a listen and tell me what you think!  Till next time- Toodaloo Bitches..




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