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Music Makes Me Feel Like….

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I was driving home from a nice BBQ with my family and close friends yesterday.  As we drove by NYC’s own Chelsea region, we were pumping old school music, namely, Lodi Dodi by music icons Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh.  So of course, amped up and in the moment, we were being the loud puertoricans we are known to be.  Singing and dancing in the car because of how that track made us feel, alive!  We weren’t the only ones!  A man, I would say middle aged, African American man  maybe about 40, well dressed and walking by – ducked his head to hear who was playing this song- then, to my surprise, starts dancing and carrying on as if in a nightclub surrounded by Victoria”s Secret models! He was going in on the track! I smiled and cheered him on because that’s what I do! He felt as I…

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Are Your Bad Habits Costing You Money?

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WARNING, WARNING your bad habit may be burning a hole into your pocket.  Are you guilty of buying that morning cup of coffee, or that pack a day habit?  Do you play the Lotto?  Well, news flash, you may be responsible for burning that big hole called debt into your pocket.  Recent study shows that if you cut those spending habits, you may be adding about 1-5k to your retirement.

Let’s do the math.  Coffee is about $2.00 a cup, multiply that by 7 then by 12.  That’s $168.00 a year you spend on coffee whereas if you make coffee at home you can be saving.  Cigarettes are about $9.00 a pack .  A Pack a day habit is costing you $756.00 a year.  How about lotto?  The average person spends about $5.00 a day playing lotto which can cost $360 a year.  Now consider this, if you are a smoker, think of the other costs such as health insurance, home owner’s  insurance etc.  These numbers can add up costing you a fortune.  if you think about how much money you can save by cutting back on things such as smoking, gambling and buying coffee, you can add up to $1,500.00 to your retirement plan a year.  Now add up those numbers till retirement age of 62.  Pretty sweet I say.

On this note, before you go off and ill spend your weekly paycheck, think about that vacation you have always wanted to take when you retire, is it worth it to you to pinch that penny?  I think so.  Instead of rushing to your nearest Starbuck’s or Dunkin Donuts, for $2.99 you can buy a can of coffee in your local supermarket and have plenty to last you maybe even a month.  That’s probably a 55 cent habit but look at the savings.

In the words of our dear old pal the Scrooge, say “Bah Humbug” to ill spending and let’s start getting our finances back on track.


The Naked Blogger asks: What’s your bad habit?

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Let Us Celebrate

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Well, It’s that time of year again.  The time when we freeloading, turkey eaters decide whose house to raid for a Thanksgiving feast of compliments of anyone but ourself.  So, who will this years victims of kitchen slavery be?  Normally, my parents celebrate every single year with the best of Puerto Rican cuisine, my mother in law is quite the opposite.  No One touches her kitchen but her! Usually, she makes a range of different platters mixing Italian, with Spanish and the occasional Chinese style rice.

Although we know the real meaning of Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for the important things in our lives and commemorating the Pilgrims and Indians for their many gifts and contributions to the land, we all really know it’s about the turkey!  Now, since I am the pastry princess of the family, my sweet potato pie and pumpkin pies are expected to make a great turn out as I have been taking orders like a waitress on a Saturday night.

Grocery lists will be quite long this month! Don’t forget the febreeze for the bathroom goers trying to make room for Round 2 of the meal.   You should also watch out for specials.  Some Supermarkets offer a free turkey if you spend a certain amount of money, way to give back huh? I will enjoy this Thanksgiving as I have done in the past, eat, drink and be merry and of course giving thanks to the one and only being that makes the day worth it, Jesus.

After all is said and done I will digest and prepare my pre New Year’s resolution list.  The one thing we always promise to do and never get done, Hit the gym.  Lucky for me, I have a household full of children that keep me on my toes, so the need to frolic around in tights and a sports bra and pretend to jog on the treadmill will not be in my schedule this year.

On this note, may everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! May you eat till your heart’s content  and be grateful for all the blessings that have been set forth upon you.


The Naked Blogger asks:  What are you thankful for?

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We Are Meant for Greater Things

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Greater Things

In light of the recent ongoings of the world, i.e. politics, terrorism, bullying, etc., I have decided to write this “special” blog about what we are really here to do.

With so many people claiming the 12/21/2012 disaster that awaits us,  will it really be disastrous?  Change can mean so many things.  It can be meant metaphorically or physically.  My opinion is that our world has changed and is not the same as we knew it to be.  Our Constitution has practically been re written, our morals have been flushed.  Yet, our knack for all things digital has surpassed what we all knew to be dark ages of technology.

Social networking has become the “norm” and everyday, new technologies are being discovered.  We are all taking advantage and jumping on the hi tech bandwagon.  We constantly upgrade our phones, upgrade our web sites, up grade our TV’s , etc.  Have we, as people upgraded ourselves?  The question still remains to be answered.

Although we live in a world of constant upgrades,  We as people continue to struggle with our lifestyles.  People continue to bully others, taunt them, hate on them.  Crime still in existence, politicians greedy as ever.  Something should be learned from all of this We are here on this earth to do good things.  To help the human race become something so powerful, that no one will again question our qualifications.

What do I mean?  What am I talking about?  We constantly engage ourselves in celebrity gossip, tabloids. We criticize people  for being who they are.  Who are we?  What have we as a human race accomplished?  Are those really images of extraterrestrial beings or an image of a future human race slowly but surely taking over our means.  Think about it.  Who are we?  What is the human race exactly?  One to grow on.

Toodaloo for now.

The Naked Blogger asks: How have you contributed to the educational growth of the human race?

All questions, comments and feedback are welcome below.

Unrated Productions To Debut Online Magazine (via The Naked Blog)

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I am very eager for this magazine to debut. This will bring together the music and fashion industry once again.

Unrated Productions To Debut Online Magazine You have all heard me talk about Unrated Productions through several interviews.  Well, after talk and negotiations, Unrated Productions CEO Shepard has revealed his plans to debut an online Hip Hop magazine called "UNR Magazine".  UNR- short for "Unrated"  started out as a production company, Unrated Productions LLP.  Founded in 2006, Shepard wanted to create a whole new atmosphere for the music industry.  UNR will feature blogs such as "The Nak … Read More

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Unrated Productions To Debut Online Magazine

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You have all heard me talk about Unrated Productions through several interviews.  Well, after talk and negotiations, Unrated Productions CEO Shepard has revealed his plans to debut an online Hip Hop magazine called “UNR Magazine”.  UNR- short for “Unrated”  started out as a production company, Unrated Productions LLP.  Founded in 2006, Shepard wanted to create a whole new atmosphere for the music industry.  UNR will feature blogs such as “The Naked Blog” and “Shepard Said What?”, a music section, a fashion column, celebrity watch, interviews, follow ups, music charts,music  downloads, music videos and more.

The magazine will bring together Music, fashion, night life and sports and promises to be a success.

“I just want people to know that there are independent rappers and singers that have real talent and are looking to be heard.  This magazine will make that a reality.  I want to introduce the world to this hidden talent” -Da Shepard.

I am very eager for this magazine to hit the internet.  The world-wide web has been the fastest growing B2B network since the stock market.

UNR Magazine’s tentative debut date will be for 7/2011.  Save the date!!!

For more information, follow UNR at or or Contact email:

Toodaloo for now.

The Naked Blogger wants to know: Would you subscribe to a hard cover of this magazine?

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Give it up for Bruck Up!!!

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Sunglasses by Bruck Up  Ft. Shaggy

Bruck Up


Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music. A more sparse version of reggae, it also speaks on politics and religion but not as directly as roots style, which was associated with the Rastafari movement, and had dominated much of the 1970s. In the mid-1980s, digital instrumentation became more prevalent, changing the sound considerably, with digital dancehall (or “ragga”) becoming increasingly characterized by faster rhythms. In the mid-1990s with the rise of dancehall Bobo Shanti artists such as Sizzla and Capleton and our very own Bruck Up!

I have had the pleasure and honor of interviewing this dance hall icon. Amongst his many talents in music, Bruck Up also created the  Bruck Up dance.  Please read as we get to know Bruck Up at a glance.

NB: Tell me a little about Bruck Up.  How was this band created and who are the members?

Bruck Up: Bruck Up is a dancehall icon, I started my career as a dancer. I’m the guy that made up the “Bruck Up dance” which was very popular in the late 90″s.  I was also the Green guy in Busta Rhymes video “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”, and Wyclef and Cannibus “Gone till November”.

NB: What category would you describe this genre to be?

Bruck Up:  I try to touch on every Genre, dancehall, hip hop, pop, House, Electro etc.

NB:  That’s great, very diverse.  How long have you been performing?

Bruck Up: I’ve being performing since I was 15yrs old.. I started dancing at clubs.  My biggest show as a dancer was with bounty Killer 1997. I performed at MTV spring break in Jamaica, B.E.T rip the runway. I also performed in about 1000 shows in the USA. with Hip Hop icons Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick. and on Fox 5 News with Shaggy.

NB: wow, that’s quite a resume. Do you have an album out?  Are you currently working on an album?

Bruck Up:  I havent released an official album as of yet. I had 2 mixtapes in the past. Me and my team are currently working on my debut digital album entitled “Last Warning” set to release january 2011.

NB:  Have you collaborated with any known artists?

Bruck Up:  Wow, let me see.  I have  collaborated with a few artists.  My last collabo was with Shaggy on a song name “Sunglasses”.The song is now being use by Malibu rum in commercial “Shake It”

NB:  Nice, I love Malibu Rum!! I have seen that commercial.  That’s crazy.  Who would you say inspired you to start performing music?

Bruck Up:  The Notorius B.I.G is the person that told Bruck Up that he should do music.

NB:  That must’ve been a big blessing to hear that from a Hip Hop legacy. Are there any artist out there who you would love to have on your next track or Album?

Bruck Up: The one artist that Bruck Up will do anyting to do a song with thats alive is Lady Gaga…

NB:  Wow, that’s different, but i would love to see it happen.  Just be sure she doesn’t try to wear you!  A collaboration I would definitely like to see. Speaking of collaborations, I know from experience  it takes a team of people to make an artist successful, aside from the artist himself.  How does each member of the band contribute to Bruck Up?

Bruck Up: Everybody in the Camp contributes a lot. Shout out to Gazoo, Electric Feel Management, Frass Fellas, Knowledge (producer & hype man), Lady Keyz, Active Dancers and Dj ShortMan.

NB:  Now that’s what I call an Entourage! Do you have a favorite song from your album?

Bruck Up: My favorite song on the album right now is “Iron Balloon”

NB: Should we be expecting any album release info?

Bruck Up: We will be releasing a mixtape at the end of the year entitled “Last warning”.

NB: That’s what’s up, I will be on the look out for it! Is there anything you want your fans to know about you or your up and coming projects or releases?

Bruck Up:  Bruck Up debut digital album “Last Warning”  comin soon to every digital online store, the first single “Iron Balloon” feat Lady Keyz just got released a week ago. Look out for the next single with Kevin Lyttle entitled “Wanna be your lover”.  All songs are available on iTunes!

You can follow Bruck Up on Facebook: and Twitter:

For information on booking Bruck Up, his management contact information:

The Naked Blogger asks:  What is your favorite Dance Hall dance? Feel free to comment with questions or general feedback below.